TV shows

Beauty by God


Join Aleona Isakova—Couture fashion designer extraordinaire, and her team of protégées. Their jaw-dropping designs and stories will have you spellbound.

The Big Deal


Dr. James Sideras and his guest—Pastor Todd Cravens, walk you through what the Bible says on big issues like abortion, gender, inequality and human suffering.



Take a journey through His-Story with Dr. Paul Jehle to discover what led to the great awakenings of New England, and the need for reformation in America today.

Family Matters


Attorney Andrew Beckwith and his co-host Sharon McGinley share news and stories on public policy issues for the strengthening of Judaeo-Christian family values.

What Gaming


Join Zac and friends as they play the biggest games in the world and have tonnes of fun, but stream the message of Jesus through this platform - its Game Time!

Simeon Says


Presented by Simeon Beil, this show includes thrilling stories and fun activities that will engage and ignite our youth with a passion for Jesus Christ.

What's Cooking?


Watch Pascale, a mum of five on the fly, cook up mouth watering recipes in just 15 minutes. This show is about food, faith and fun all rolled into one.

River of Life


Presented by Pastor Raffoul Najem this Arabic programme offers testimonies, messages, stories and songs that will transform your life through the power of Jesus Christ.

What Music


A playlist of musical genres from our own team of artists and musicians. Genres include tropical house, electro-dance, gospel, worship, and popular song covers.

Asian Issues


Host Danny Choranji chats to various guests about how their faith in Jesus Christ helped them overcome personal struggles like poverty, depression and sickness. 



Shot on location, this Asian off the wall style show features Christians in their everyday lives. Each guest has a story to tell about how they live out their faith.

Music Box


This presents what's trending in the South Asian music scene. Offering the latest updates on gospel artists, it features inspiring messages that will uplift your soul.