Our Team

Dr. James Sideras — President


After growing his own award winning UK healthcare business, James went on to earn his doctorate at the University of Hertfordshire. In addition to his role as President, James travels the nations preaching the life-saving gospel of Jesus Christ with signs following. His vision is to see the salvation of millions. 

Rick Kay — Creative Director.


With over 25 years media experience, Rick co-pioneered two large Christian TV networks in Europe. The late Dr. Roy Harthern described Rick “as second to none in media with a prophetic voice and anointing to release the next generation in digital evangelism.”

Zac Kay — Global Operations Director


Zac started in media at the tender age of eight, using editing software and presenting children's shows for Revelation TV. After acquiring his degree in Media, Zac has flourished into a multi-skilled director in both studio operations and media production. 

Danny Choranji —South Asia Director


Danny is a seasoned pastor and media professional with 13 years experience with the BBC as both presenter and producer. He won a national award for His Asian family entertainment programme - Eastern Beat, and his music band - DCS won double platinum.

Pastor Raffoul Najem — Arabic Director


Originally from Beirut in Lebanon, Pastor Najem has been proclaiming the gospel to the nations with power for 30 years. He also has 25 years media experience, co-hosting the "Good News Show" - a Middle East TV program, in partnership with "The 700 Club."

Pastor Kang Seng Chee — East Asia Director


Pastor Kang Seng is the founder and Apostolic overseer of Living Streams Bangkok, Thailand's fastest growing church. His vision is to see revival, patricianly in East Asia, a region that currently holds the largest population of digital streaming users in the world.

Dr. Elijah Kim — Prayer Director


Dr. Kim is a gifted visionary from Korea. His passion for spreading the gospel led him to Boston, primarily to pray for the coming revival. He is also President of the Pathos Foundation in Boston and Elijah International World Mission Institute in the Philippines.

Narinder Choranji — Producer


As a media professional, Narinder worked as both presenter and producer for the BBC, and pioneered a worldwide Christian media ministry for South Asians. She is passionate about producing media content that introduces people to Jesus Christ.

Alex Reyes - Trainee Technical Director


Alex is a computer science graduate who is living in Boston. He is part of our technical team that runs our Boston studio. He is a welcome addition to the team, who will eventually lead in the operation of our flagship studio.


Dr Roberto Miranda - Senior Pastor, Congregation Lion of Judah, Boston, USA


Dr. Miranda holds a BA in International Relations from Princeton University, an MA and PhD from Harvard University, and an honorary doctorate from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. He is a frequent speaker at conferences in the U.S. and Latin America.

David Stubblebine - President, The Stubblebine Company, Greater Boston, USA.


After graduating from Wheaton College in Illinois in 1986, David co-founded The Stubblebine Company with his late father. David is an award winning commercial realtor who has represented large corporations like Coca Cola, and Compaq Computer.  

Michael Landers - Associate Vice President of Morgan Stanley’s Princi Group


Michael graduated from Providence College with a BA in Marketing, and has 20 years experience in the investment industry. He has hosted financial radio shows in the Boston area, and often speaks at conferences across Europe and America.